INCANTATION: Some Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Energizing and Soothing, November 24, 2007
By Sweet725 (Silverdale, WA)

This is one of my favorite CD's. It's great music that can be played that is both energizing and soothing. Great to relax to. I love the flow of the music and how it all fits together on the album. It's a great cd to have for those who love new age music that soothing and yet a little more fast pace at times and engerizing.

4.0 out of 5 stars Good for writing, etc, but not so much for Ritualism.., August 4, 2004
By Raven Digitalis (Missoula, MT United States)

This is a good CD. I like it a lot.. but it is labeled "To enchant. A use of spells or verbal charms, spoken or sung, as part of ritual magic." Hmmm, that peaqued my interest.. but that's not what it is to me. I often write my Book of Shadows or other work to it, but do not plan on using it in Ritualism. To me, musick made specifically for magick do not have any words, and if they do, they are minimal and direct. This is a soothing and enchanting disk for sure, but is not one I'd personally recommend for Spellcraft or Ritualism. I really like Real Music records & they continue to put out good releases like this one. Thanks Tim, you are awesome. :)

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, April 9, 2003
By Wendy (Canada)

I love this CD. When my vehicle was broken into and I lost it I was very upset but then I found it online. It is the most relaxing and soothing CD I have ever come across.

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best New Age/Pagan CD's!, April 12, 2002
By Jeanine Berry (Houston, TX United States)

Hello! I just wanted potential buyers of this CD that I LOVE it!!! It's brilliant, especially the first track. I listen to it whenever I want to go into that "altered" state, or just relax. It stirs your emotions. GET IT.

5.0 out of 5 stars He touches my soul, October 5, 2001
By Karen Guetzow (Texas)

Incantation is the first of Wheater's cds that I've ever listened to before. It is unusual because I've never listened to a cd over and over again without overdosing on it after 3 or 4 times. I've probably listened to it 12 times through while driving and I'm not tired of it. Each piece is different from the other and keeps me interested. The vocalists do an incredible job. The music seems to touch my soul. Perhaps it DOES have healing properties. Thank you Tim Wheater.

5.0 out of 5 stars from Solo Piano Publications, February 26, 2001
By Kathy Parsons (Florence, OR United States) (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

I really enjoyed flautist Tim Wheater's earlier collaborations with pianist Michael Hoppe ("The Yearning" and "The Dreamer"), but "Incantation" gives a much clearer view of Wheater's virtuosity on flute as well as his mastery of composition. Cinematic in scope and symphonic in scale, this is a very emotionally rich and fulfilling CD. Many ethnic influences are drawn from, and musical samples were recorded on location in New Zealand, New Mexico, and Australia. The very unusual instrumentation includes flute, cello, Celtic harp, electric banjo, digeridoo, crystal bowls, etc. Several of the tracks include vocals in English, Gaelic, and Latin, but the voices are mostly used as additional instruments. Several of the tracks ("En Trance", "Uluru", "Benedictus", and "Circle's Edge") are very heavy on the rhythm and percussion, giving them a tribal, somewhat ritualistic feel. "Pacificus" is much more ambient. "Seventh Ray", "Dark Falls the Night", "Love Is Here", and "Whistler's Lament" are tender and gentle to the core. There is an obvious variety of approaches on this CD, but a mood of darkly spiritual mystery (does that make sense?) is sustained throughout. Spiritual, but still melodic and accessible, and the various rhythms are infectious. I really enjoyed "Incantation" the many times I listened to it, and heard new subtleties each time. Hear, hear!

5.0 out of 5 stars A cathedral set in a primeval wood. A Samhain bonfire on th, February 3, 1999 By M. T Wire "sanvean" (Fort Wayne, IN United States)

Haunting, mystical, amazing!!! There are not enough words to describe the emotions that are stirred by this CD. It's an amazing ride into otherworldly realms. Turn off the lights, light a few candles, and get ready for a spiritual journey of immense proportions! This is one CD you don't want to be without!!!

Some comments from YOUTUBE

The whole journey through Heartland is amazing.... empowering, romantic, spiritual, epic... As potent and as beautiful as when I first heard it… This is inspirational to say the least and stirs my soul... The first time I ever ever heard this beautiful voice...I fell in love of all things, feelings arose within me...I knew not... What a beautiful union of the masculine and feminine voices… What a find and a double delight to boot.Two of my favourite artists in the one mix…This is absolutely beautiful!… This is so much better than so many of the music vids I review that have over 100,000 hits – truly beautiful… Wonderful choir... so peaceful.... mystic.... great music Tim... This is sacred music...Thank you... One of my favourite albums, thank you... When I listen to this, I am taken far far away.. and in that space, I too, remember… There are no words to express the beauty of this particular piece… So beautiful … How beautiful Thank you… I just want to express my utter and complete gratitude to you Tim Wheater- for the grace and beauty, and elegance of your music stunning music - which has helped me through a very difficult time in my life....many blessings to you my fellow human… Soothing, peaceful, to get lost in!… This first track is my all time favourite to use for Healing. Thanks Tim x… I love and admire Tim Wheater.... Awesome work, love of musical vibrations...fills the heart, mind and my soul...thank you!! Beautiful Man… Very touching songs here... This is so beautiful...and the music is absolutely wonderful… Exquisite is a very good word for it. This album should be much better known!

HEART LAND: Some Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Layers of the soul, December 28, 1999
By Javier Bryan Sanchez (Mexico City, Mexico)

from the moment I heard Tim Wheater's "Heart Land" I was captivated. This piece of epic proportions, divided into 4 very long movements, has a beautiful panoramic feeling. 3 of the 4 segments are very long, and have meandering energies and styles throughout. Sometimes operatic, sometimes new-agey, sometimes worldly, Heart Land transports the listener to many worlds. The theme is Surrender, and while it may be soft and melodic, it is a very masculine composition with very gentle qualities. It also works wonderfuly as a holiday piece (regardless of what you celebrate). It's soothing, exciting and reflective. Many of my friends who have borrowed it have bought copies for themselves and their friends

5.0 out of 5 stars Hearing this one made me a believer, August 3, 1999
By J. B Brent (Oak Ridge, Tennessee USA)

Normally I'm skeptical when I hear anyone say listening to a particular recording can be a healing experience. But there's something about the peaceful, simple melodies, the variety of instruments and volume fluctuations that draws one in immediately. And although the selections are lengthy (the first clocks in at 24:56) they are very memorable. I find myself choosing HEART LAND whenever I want to relax. An absolute must.

5.0 out of 5 stars Music for Meditation and Deep Soul Searching, February 19, 2003
By Dr. Randall W. Robirds. D.C. (Las Vegas, Nevada United States)

Having already purchased "Incantation," I was ready to explore more of the same genre. I was simply BLOWN AWAY by the depth and scope of this album. It is lush, vibrant, and memorable. I teach an energetic-healing seminar called Ener-Chi Quest ... and we use it extensively for meditation and soul exploration. We invariably get requests for the album's artist and Title as it is the perfect adjunct to transitional awareness. This album is SUCH a winner! I feel blessed to be exposed to it and recommend it with the highest praise - BRAVO!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible ~ Moving, October 25, 2000
By Maren Amdal (Bellingham, Wa USA)

This CD is an amazing acomplishment. As a musician and singer, I am continually inspired by this work, as well as uplifted. I refer to it as an esoteric pop opera, and I encourage everyone I know to listen to it again and again! Tim Wheater has outdone himself! This is probably my favorite work, as beautiful as the major operas, but in a more familiar setting and so much more spiritual.

5.0 out of 5 stars the best of Tim Wheater, August 3, 1999
By A Customer

I listened to it on a radio station for several months until I finally could buy the CD. Great. I have many other albums by Tim Wheater but this is absolutely the best. I just wish all his works were half as good as this one. My favourite New Age CD.

5.0 out of 5 stars takes me to a place of deep healing, April 11, 1999
By A Customer

I use this title for my own deep personal movement healing. It allows me to begin on the earth, and move from that place of where we came from and then to standing, moving, becoming a warrior spirit. The music eventually takes me to a place back upon the earth, where I return. I have shared this with other women and in group energy. Wow. Organic from the core. Allows me to use my voice and chant, move or be still. Become the goddesswarrior. The more I use this music and hear it, it becomes richer.

5.0 out of 5 stars A journey..., October 29, 1998
By A Customer

Heartland proves music is transportation, it takes you on a journey...exceptional vocal harmonics, and toning create vibrational changes. These are indeed sacred sounds and the soul responds...enjoy your journey into 'Heartland'!

5.0 out of 5 stars Expansive, healing and evocative, October 25, 1998
By (Berkeley, California

I just attended a workshop at Esalen (in California) led by Tim Wheater and Julia Cameron and it was beyond transformative. Mr. Wheater is an extraordinary man and his music is very very beautiful and healing. I listened to Heart Land for the first time during my five hour drive home and was, simply, blown away by it. I found it challenging, very layered, evocative, both grounded and soaring. I love this CD!

5.0 out of 5 stars Cathartic music. A must for the visonary warrier., July 15, 1998
By A Customer

This music was presented as a gift to me by a dear friend. In the mountains of Mexico I finally found the space to listen to it's message of healing....I in turn, presented it also as a gift to a dear sister who could only cry through the whole epic. I took the music to Machu Pichu in June of '98 to experience it's deep resonnance within a sacred site. Tim Wheater brings us a message of surrender and joy...

5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Music Written in the Last Ten Years
By on May 16, 1998

Mythic and ravishing. Gorgeous voices, excellent orchestration, and a divine touch of a Warrior's "returning his soul to gentleness." The perfect marriage of a sound knowledge of classical harmonic technique and the mental freedom to add everything from harmonic toning to a digeridoo, all perfectly appropriate to this Hero's Journey that seems part of the collective unconscious of every culture. And the bottom line is that the music is so beautiful it's breathtaking: The first time you hear it you can hardly believe somebody came up with it. The poetry by Stuart Wilde could have been better, but the music by Wheater and an extraordinary group of female singers is one of the five or ten most remarkable pieces of music I've ever heard.

IN UNITY: Some Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Peace found in Unity, May 16, 2007
By Joanna M. Yarnevich "JA" (Ohio)

When I first heard this before even buying it, I got a chill up the back of my neck and I sarted to cry! It was so enspiring and calming and spiritual sounding, exactly what I was looking for! So I purchased it and use it to meditate and put a spirit of calm with in my house and with all who enter into it. It is a true Spiritual inspiration of art and I would highly recommend it to those who are searching for that uplifting spiritual calm. Bravo to the artist and please put out more fantastic music such as this! Let Spirit inspire you again, and again, and again.. JA

5.0 out of 5 stars In Unity Excels, May 12, 2007
By Marlene L. Harrell

This music soothes and comforts. It's peaceful harmonies release tension and bring images of serenity.

4.0 out of 5 stars Flowing Grandeur, October 8, 2007
By Tim Shullberg (Long Beach, California)

Having listened to a number of Tim Wheater's early releases and being most pleased with his other recording with David Lord, I took a chance and was glad that I made this purchase. Their translations of various emotions and concepts are grand and the entire CD flows from one composition to the next. Very well done, gentlemen.

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From: "Len Remfrey" <******>
To: <dlord@*******>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 11:12:26 +1100

David,   i don't know who the fuck you are but if you produced that albums, I am indebted to you for life.  They are the most beautiful music I have ever heard.  They are divine.  (heartland, etc)   you must be divine too.  and you're doing it again??  wow, I can't wait.  Love Len    thank you for this incredible gift.

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Wheater's flute playing is as sumptuous and flowing as ever. Rich chant work is delivered by an array of top world artists. Wheater in England. Simone Bonny in New Zealand. Awahoshi Kaven in Australia, and Howard Badhand in the States. Aoife N'Fhearraigh, Maureen Taylor, and The Aquae Sulis Angels add more world-class vocals to the production. Keyboards, cello, Celtic harp, banjo, soprano sax, and drums merge to swell a symphonic ride that transports the listener to that point of silence within.